Who we Are

With Africa, spectacular housing safaris, determining the ultimate African safari experience has been a difficult task for travellers. Every safari affords you a different experience. We are, therefore, here to help you overcome this confusion. We design affordable safari itineraries. Even with our fair prices, it does not imply our designed itineraries are compromised. We do not believe in having to spend a fortune just to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Some travelers believe they could only have an exciting experience in a lodge safari. This is not always true! Camping on the Savannah beneath a starry sky has its own fantastic and incredible experience as well. However, if you would prefer and could afford a luxury lodge, then you are confident of getting enough elegant and state-of-the-art hotels which could compete with modern hotels anywhere in the world.

Tanzania National parks are home to some of the most exquisite and high-end hotels in the World

We offer both a camping safari (campsites with tents) and state-of-the-art lodges (for amazing lodges) with an excellent value for your money. Irrespective of your chosen package, you will have a fair price, as well as quality services, on guides, food, cooks, binoculars, cars, etc. While ensuring you get any of the packages at the lowest possible margin such that we will have some little profits out of which 5% is for children of our local community who are not privileged to get educated.

A typical safari agency would reduce their prices as well as the quality of their service. We are so different! We will provide you with an experienced guide (who has been chosen after a careful and rigorous recruitment process), an appealing 4×4 car, and delicious meals prepared by our great cooks who are graduates of Arusha Tourism Cooking School. These foods are in no way comparable to the typical lunchboxes provided on these tours. The packages also come with an extra offer such as the provision of high-end Nikon binoculars, to create a more exciting experience for you.

While some companies would cramp you up with some people or group of people, you don’t know, at reasonable prices. However, this comes with both positive and negative effects. You may be lucky to have enough fun while also meeting new people. On the other side, you may be unlucky as some people could be unfriendly and annoying. There are times they even overcharge; they believe everyone who does private safaris is financially-buoyant to pay any amount for it.

We are unique because we have a disruptive business model that offers private Tanzania safaris at competitive rates that could even be lower to that, which some companies will charge a group of six people. However, we do not offer competitive rates for folks travelling alone; we, thus, recommend you to join a group. Even a party of two will enjoy rates of shared safaris.

The problem here is with mentality: Agency owners think that people who want to do private safaris have lots of money and don’t mind being charged an unfair amount of money.

We have created a disruptive business model by offering private Tanzania safaris for rates that are competitive and, most of the times, even lower that what some companies will charge you for a shared Safari of 6 people. Even if you are just a party of two (for folks traveling alone we suggest joining a group, as in this case it’s impossible to offer competitive rates) we will offer you rates that are typical of shared safaris.

If you would like to make a booking for our Tanzania safari, then the best place to do it is from www.safaribookings.com, as we have partnered with them for your convenience.

Every safari is unique for us and you will find details in our service that you just can’t expect from other safari agencies.